On 24 Apr 2002, at 16:28, DENAT Christian DvSI/SIReS/GRE wrote:

> I'm currently looking for svg tools on win32 and look into the
> gimp.org site to see if gimp supports such vector format.
> It seems that the answer is no. 
> Please could you confirm this or at least could yout indicate me if
> there are some plans for such development ?

I have not heard of any such plans. 

Google turns up a set of tools to convert bitmap images through GIMP 
paths into SVG files for Sodipodi to work with: 

Same search: Raph Levien is planning on "doing a full-fledged SVG 
implementation in the Gnome framework". I don't know how this 
(w|c)ould fit in with GIMP.

What exactly are you looking for: a plug-in vector editor (like 
gfig), perhaps with vector layers? Or a SVG loader, like the 
Postscript loader?

branko collin
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