I'm working with L-Systems, using the GIMP as the image visualization engine, 
and doing the actual string rewriting, etc. in perl-fu.  My test images tend 
to get pretty complicated pretty fast - the one running now is interpreting 
88,940 symbols in the l-system.  While the number of lines that gets drawn 
isn't quite this large, we're still talking in terms of tens of thousands of 
calls to gimp_paintbrush.  At the moment I call gimp_paintbrush once for each 
line segment, as it gets processed from the command string (those 88,940 
symbols I mentioned earlier).  I was wondering if there might be a noticeable 
performance improvement if I were to accumulate a large number of line 
segments (saving their coordinates in an array), and making one call to 
gimp_paintbrush with some large number of line segments.   Is there a known 
upper limit to the number of end points that can go into the array passed to 


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