we'd like to do a 1.2.4 release soon. There are a few things you can
do to help us with this task:

 - Checkout the gimp-1-2 branch from CVS, use it and report bugs if
   you have problems. Have a look at the ChangeLog to see where
   changes occured and test those areas.

 - Look through the list of open bugs for the 1.2.4 milestone (a quick
   way to get there is http://bugs.gimp.org/stable-milestone/). Some
   of these bugs need comments. Of course patches to fix them are
   highly appreciated.

 - Look through the list of bugs for reported for 1.2 and let us know
   if you think there are more bugs that could and should be targetted
   for 1.2.4.

 - If you are a translator or would like to help with translations,
   check http://sven.gimp.org/1.2/i18n.html to see if your language
   needs work.

Salut, Sven

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