Today I have been toying a little bit with Paint Shop Pro (I think it
was version 7.x) and there were a couple of things I liked:

1) For entering an angle, for example to specify a direction, they use a
dedicated widget: kind of a full circle with a line pointing from the
center to the selected direction, a bit like the Dial widget that comes
with the GTK examples. I like this because for a lot of (non
mathematically educated) people this is much more intuitive than
entering a number between 0 and 360.

2) For entering a numerical value they use a kind of spinbutton with an
arrow down button to the right of it. When you click on the arrow down
button a horizontal slider is popped up which allows you to quickly set
the value. Underneath this all is a thin kind of progress bar which
gives visual feedback on the value you have entered, for example when
entering 5 in a range between 0 and 10 you see a thin blue line covering
1/2 of the progress bar. Main advantage is that this widget uses much
less screenspace than the combination GIMP is using (slider and a
spinbutton to the right of that slider).

3) Their plugin to create imagemaps isn't half as advanced as my
Imagemap plug-in :)

Ok, what do people here think of point 1) and 2)?


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