the 1.3 saga continues and episode 6 just appeared on


Please don't beat our new disk too hard and try one of the mirrors


This is a development version that might crash any second, so please
save often and don't use it for real work. However we believe that
stability and useability improved a lot so you might want to give this
version a try.

This release depends on the following libraries (or newer versions):

  glib 2.0.0
  pango 1.0.0 (with FT2 support)
  atk 1.0.0
  gtk+ 2.0.0
  libart 2.3.8

A couple of extra libraries are required for some of the plug-ins. You
know that already, so we are only going to list the new dependencies:

  gimp-print 4.2.0   for print support
  gtkhtml2 1.99.5    for the help browser

Overview of Changes in GIMP 1.3.6
- Support tile cache > 4GB on machines with 64bit long integers [Sven]
- Added support for large files (> 2GB) [Sven]
- Cleaned up configure, updated to autoconf-2.52 [Sven]
- Temporary switch to the Move tool when Space is pressed [Mitch]
- More cleanup of display code [Mitch]
- Added mnemonics to lots of plug-ins and fixed some bugs [Maurits Rijk]
- Added new PDB function gimp_image_get_name and corrected behaviour of
  gimp_image_get_filename [Yosh, Sven]
- Navigation dialog redone as a dockable [Mitch]
- Updated print plug-in to new version and depend on libgimpprint [Sven]
- Generalized and improved the new config framework; use it for parasites,
  documents and devices  [Mitch, Sven]
- Started to port the help browser to GtkHtml2 [Sven]
- Finished implementation of the Thumbnail Managing Standard [Mitch, Sven]
- Improved Open dialog using the new thumbnails [Mitch, Sven]
- Use UTF-8 encoded URIs where we used to use filenames [Mitch]
- Plug-in fixes [Iccii]
- Added shortcuts to crop layer or image to selection boundary [Mitch]
- Changes for build on Win32 [Tor Lillqvist, Hans Breuer]
- Started framework for tools loaded as modules or plug-ins [Nathan]
- Lots of bugfixes
- More stuff not mentioned here (see the ChangeLog)

Other contributors:
  Zbigniew Chyla, OEyvind Kolaas, Nick Lamb, David Monniaux, Raphael Quinet,
  Jakub Steiner, Simon Budig

Happy GIMPing,

        Sven Neumann, Michael Natterer
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