On Thu, May 30, 2002 at 02:25:04PM +0200, David Neary wrote:
>Really? In 1.2, it appears to be this...
>  fprintf (file, "%d\n", num_segments);
>  for (seg = grad->segments; seg; seg = seg->next)
>    fprintf (file, "%f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %d %d\n",
>             seg->left, seg->middle, seg->right,
>             seg->r0, seg->g0, seg->b0, seg->a0,
>             seg->r1, seg->g1, seg->b1, seg->a1,
>             (int) seg->type, (int) seg->color);
>Why the huge change?

That's hardly a "huge change" from the original, is it?

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