Jan Rychter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm working on a plugin that will allow me to process digital camera
> photos for lab printing. It seems that my Olympus D-40Z produces
> greenish pictures that need some serious color correction before going
> to the lab.
> Now, that's all good and great, but I'd also like to scale and crop the
> images, to go from the camera format to the 10x15 print format. That's
> where the problem begins.

scale, why do you want to scale the image before you print it?

> Basically, I'd like to have my script display the crop tool with pre-set
> options on an image that is being processed in that script. Then the
> user would be able to move the crop area up or down. After clicking
> "Crop" the script should resume and finish processing the image.
> This has to be done for lots of images, so manually setting all the
> values in the crop tool is not an option.
> Any suggestions there? Right now the PDB lets me crop the image to
> specified extents, but there is no way to make it interactive (as far as
> I know)?

you could let the user specify the cropped area using a rectangular
selection. Basically your plug-in would set a rectangular selection
and allow the user to move it using the Move tool. Then you could crop
to the selected area.

Salut, Sven
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