i'm working on a project that fuses 2 images , one 
with a  higher spatial resolution but grayscale and
the other with lower spatial resolution but having
spectral information.  The fused output should be a
hybrid and should have the qualities of both images. 
This fusion is done using a new method, where we
explore the gridwise correspondence of the energy
values sensed by the satellites while capturing the
images. This is a small info about the project.
  So we're integrating this algorithm into gimp as a
plugin.  This plugin should be enabled only when the 2
input images are opened.
  So ne inputs are welcome and help me with my earlier
doubts .
  thank you

--- David Hodson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> manjunath s wrote:
> > 1.   I've to enable a plugin only when 2 images
> are
> > already opened by GIMP, how do i do it?
> I don't think this is possible. If the plugin is a
> filter,
> the filters menu is available from any one image.
> Extension
> plugins are available at any time from the main tool
> menu.
> > 2.   The output of my plugin is another image,
> Will i
> > be able to display it together with those 2
> already
> > open images.
> Yes, the PDB allows you to open image displays.
> > 3.   Finally, how can i get the image path from
> the
> > drawable ID(or for that matter, the image opened
> in
> > GIMP), that is obtained after opening the image.
> I think you can do this somehow, but remember that
> not
> every image has a file path. (You can create a new
> image
> without giving it a location.)
> > 4.   Last but not the least, is the image
> > representation in GIMP and that of the libarary
> > IMAGEMAGICK compatible.  Is there any way i can
> get
> > gimp's representation of the image from the other
> and
> > vice  versa.
> Gimp images are tiled arrays of bytes; I'm not sure
> what
> ImageMagick uses, but I know that it can use byte or
> 16 bit
> pixel channel values. I'm fairly sure you will have
> to write
> your own conversion code.
> Maybe if you told us what you're doing...
> -- 
> David Hodson  --  this night wounds time

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