Hello all,

I've started doing some work on the gimp 1.3.7. Maurits adviced
me to switch to the CVS version for easier merging of changes.

For some reason I don't get the latest revision of a file
out of cvs. I only get revision 1.3. (the newest version is 1.5).
I don't know if it happens on other files too. Most of the
files get updated correctly, for example checkerboard.c from june 1st.

This problem occurs when doing a fresh cvs get and also when
I do a cvs update. The 1.5 version is from june 1st, and
I did the cvs get and update on june the 4th. Other people
are getting the 1.5 version, I don't.

I tried adding the IP addresses to /etc/hosts

I'm repeating my commands here, for reference.
(I might be doing something stupid)

rm -rf ~/gimp
rm -rf ~/.gimp-1.3
export CVSROOT=':pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/cvs/gnome'
cvs login
cvs get (of co) -z3 gimp
cd gimp
./autogen.sh --disable-print

And if I want to update:

export CVSROOT=':pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/cvs/gnome'
cvs login
cd gimp
cvs update

What am I doing wrong ??


Jeroen (RoccoD on irc.gimp.org #gimp)

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