On 7 Jun 2002, at 19:18, Art Hughes wrote:

> I received an email about my message being held for the moderator, I
> did not know I sent one. If you could please forward it back to me,
> maybe I can determine how you got it. I'm running a Mandrake Linux box
> with Evolution 1.0.2 as my mail client. I want to determine if it is
> mailing things on it's own.


What probably happened, is that somebody else sent the Klez-virus to 
the list with a forged mail-From-header, in which the name of the 
sender has been substituted by yours. The virus gets your name from 
the addressbook of the perpetrator.

>From what I heard, Evolution is trying to emulate all 'features' of 
Outlook, but I doubt it already has the strong virus enhancement 
capabalities of Outlook, because it just is not as popular yet.

branko collin
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