On 13 Jun 2002, Erin Tomson wrote:

> Unless I'm mistaken, gimp doesn't have any support for layer sets or
> folders. Other programs, such as photoshop, allow you to group layers.
> The layers inside the group will first be merged. Then the result will
> then be merged with the remaining layers.
> Are there any plans to add support for something like this?

Something like this is planned for gimp 2.0.

> Alternatively would it be possible to implement this as a plug-in, or
> would such a change be too fundamental?

There is certainly no clean way to do this.  I'll stop slightly short of
saying that it is impossible, since bigger kludges have been done with the
plugin system, but it would involve lots of nastiness.  For instance, if
you wanted to show what the composited image currently looks like, you
would probably have to copy all of gimp's compositing code and rework it
significantly to make it work in pluginspace.  And it wouldn't show up in
the layers and channels dialog, etc.  Sheer ugliness.

> I'm writing some software that depends on this feature in photoshop. It
> would be great if we could use the gimp as well.

Of course, patches are always welcome. ;)

> Thanks for any information or suggestions. Please respond directly to
> me, since I'm not currently subscribed to this list.

Probably your best bet is to check out the gegl module from cvs -- it
contains what will likely be the backbone of gimp 2.0, and might meet
your needs.


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