Our email scanner has detected a VIRUS in an email destined for you.
This email has been stopped.  The sender will receive a notification of this message.

This is ONLY a warning. You have not suffered any damage nor received any problem;
You can safely ignore this email.

You have been protected by the Inflex scanner

The virus scanner revealed...
Scanning /usr/local/inflex/tmp/inf_061419475012/unpacked/*
Scanning file /usr/local/inflex/tmp/inf_061419475012/unpacked/textfile1
Scanning file /usr/local/inflex/tmp/inf_061419475012/unpacked/close.scr
        Found the W32/Klez.h@MM virus !!!
Scanning file /usr/local/inflex/tmp/inf_061419475012/unpacked/close.html

Summary report on /usr/local/inflex/tmp/inf_061419475012/unpacked/*
        Total files: ...........       3
        Clean: .................       2
        Possibly Infected: .....       1
Thank you for choosing to evaluate VirusScan from Network Associates.
This  version of the software is for Evaluation Purposes Only and may be
used  for  up to 30 days to determine if it meets your requirements.  To
license  the  software,  or to  obtain  assistance during the evaluation
process,  please call (408) 988-3832.  If you  choose not to license the
software,  you  need  to remove it from your system.  All  use  of  this
software is conditioned upon compliance with the license terms set forth
in the README.TXT file.

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