JGimp, version 0.5

What it is:
* An extension to the GIMP that lets developers write Java-based plug-ins
and extensions for the GIMP

Some features/ideas for use:
* Write filters in pure Java, including the filter's dialog box (e.g., you
can use common Swing widgets to create the UI for the filter). While this
approach could quickly lead to a very inconsistent interface within the GIMP
(i.e., some filters have the look-and-feel of GTK, while others have Java
Swing's look-and-feel), it nonetheless opens the door for developers
experienced with Java to more easily extend the GIMP's capabilities
* Server-based image manipulation applications can be written in Java (for
example, a web-based application that provides on-demand image manipulation,
or dynamically generated images)
* Novel user interfaces for image manipulation can be prototyped in Java,
using the GIMP as the image manipulation engine (an example of this use can
be found at the URL given below)

Where to get it / screenshots / more info:
* http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~mterry/jgimp/

What it needs:
* JDK 1.4
* GIMP 1.2.X (I have only tested it on 1.2.2 so far)
* Linux
* Testing and feedback :)

This is the initial public release of this architecture, so there are no
guarantees it will even compile on your system (I have only tested this on
my own system, so there might be some lingering hard-coded paths somewhere,
or other junk that prevents you from successfully compiling and installing
it). But if you are interested, download it, try compiling and installing
it, and let me know of any problems you have. Tip: see the README for
installation instructions (some manual configuration required :)

Thanks for all the help I have received from people on the gimp-developer
list as I tried to figure out how to write this software, and a big
shout-out to all the people who have contributed to the GIMP and made it a
great open source image manipulation tool!


Michael Terry
Everyday Computing Lab
Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center
Georgia Tech

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