Dr William Bland wrote:
> Hello all,
>       I've just started writing my first gimp plugin, so I'm very new at
> this.  Hope nobody minds my stupid questions ;-)


> it occurred to me that the tiles that get iterated over will not
> necessarily be of the same size for the image_drawable and select_drawable
> which would cause this loop to go horribly wrong!
> Can anyone suggest what the Right Thing to do here is?  I know it's
> possible to look at image_drawable on a pixel-by-pixel basis (rather
> than tile-by-tile), but from what I've read this will make things *very*
> slow and obviously I don't want that ;-)

For the moment you have no problems - all tiles are 64x64, and
that's hard-coded. It would be nice to have tile sizes
modifiable, but that will not happen before 2.0 to the best of my
knowledge, and there will be much bigger problems to worry about
for plug-ins in that :)


       David Neary,
    Marseille, France
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