Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 02:19:31 +0200
   From: Till Kamppeter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   The GIMP plug-in could well be part of the GIMP, but then users
   without printers need to install libgimpprint. Perhaps it is best
   when the plug-in would be a stand-alone package. Or when there is
   no libgimpprint and one compiles the GIMP, the plug-in will not be

That is, of course, if somebody doesn't rewrite the plug-in to not use
libgimpprint at all.  However, I think the best thing to do is for the
GIMP's configure script to autodetect libgimpprint and build it if
available (just like it does for, e. g. JPEG import/export).

   So all in all I agree with your splitting suggested above. By the
   way, I will probably also split Foomatic: into the XML database,
   the databse engine (the stuff which generates PPDs and sets up
   queues), and the filter scripts. This will solve many updating

Can you also think about how to handle generation of the XML database?
We've never promised stability in terms of printers and supported
printer functionality, and I think it's necessary for this stuff to be
generatable on the fly.

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