Ok at the moment I have 2 reasons for booting Windows on my system. One
is a Musical sequencing package and my pro soundcard. The other is the
lack of a descent vector art package (on windows I use a combination of
Expression2 and flash3).
After playing with a package called autotrace it occured to me that it
would be not too difficult to set up a program that will allow me to
create basic vector strokes and fills with my wacom tablet... 
Paint with pencil type tool onto bitmap(ie one bit per pixel) Convert
this to a vector at the end of each stroke....

1) At this point I could either start on a simple stand alone app or try
and extend an existing project like the gimp.(gimp 1.3 code seems to be
a lot more readable). Which would be better at this point.

2)Is the brush code now modular enough to allow me to create a new brush
tool for creating vector strokes. (ultimately this would be very simular
to the pencil.

3) I know that dynamic text creates its own special layers... Is the
system robust enough to allow the creation of 'vector' layers?

4) Gimp already uses a library (libart?) to do raster to vector
conversions does anybody know how this compares to autotrace?


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