Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 03:35:36 +0200
   From: Till Kamppeter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   > 3) The old-style Ghostscript driver (stp), delivered as a patch to
   >    Ghostscript.  That is, if we don't want to deprecate this
   >    altogether in 4.3, now that IJS functionality is reasonably mature
   >    in GNU Ghostscript.
   >    I would much prefer to see the Ghostscript project own this.  They
   >    already have it in 6.53 and newer GNU releases, and we'd just as
   >    soon get rid of it.

   It's in GhostScript, when its interface to the library does not
   change you can drop yours. And with the current development policy
   of GhostScript you would easily get a newer gdevstp.c in when it
   gets necessary. It should be a legacy interface, distros should
   drop it and use IJS instead. This would remove the dependency of
   GhostScript on libgimpprint, so packaging to make a consistent
   distro gets easier.

That suggests that we could drop it right now.  IJS will have been
available for at least 6 months by the time 4.4 (or 5.0) comes out, so
we shouldn't need to support this beyond 4.2.

   > Thoughts?  This is a fairly radical proposal in some ways.  However,
   > the current 4.3 API is still completely compatible with 4.2, and
   > perhaps we should do a 4.4 that's simply 4.2 (or 4.3 as it now stands,
   > with things cleaned up) with this split.

   Yes a 4.4 would be good for it. Due to the new PPDish Foomatic I
   will probably also soon come out with 3.0 (and drop even 2.0).

This suggests a relatively near-term 4.4, without major API changes
(and possibly without any API changes at all).  It would primarily be
a packaging change, with some minor new features.  It could actually
be called a 4.2 release, although I don't like the idea of doing major
packaging changes during a stable series.

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