Danni Coy ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>     Danni Coy ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>     > Ok at the moment I have 2 reasons for booting Windows on my
>     system. One
>     > is a Musical sequencing package and my pro soundcard. The other is
>     the
>     > lack of a descent vector art package (on windows I use a

[Oh, Evolution can do comb-quoting too? Weird]
> Um I am not seeing anything to my liking currently.... gyve I can't get
> a compile of... Sodipodi's workflow is too contorted... And I find the
> Koffice component and sketch don't work the way I do at all. If you can
> tell me of any other project I would be greatful.

Uhm - xfig?  :-)

Nope sorry, I don't know of other vector tools. I am a happy user of
sketch, and I like it. *shrug*

>     > 3) I know that dynamic text creates its own special layers... Is
>     the
>     > system robust enough to allow the creation of 'vector' layers?
>     You can attach arbitrary data to regular layers. This is waht
>     dynamic
>     text does. You can modify text rendered by dynamic text with all
>     tools,
>     however, if you change the text it will get re-rendered and all
>     changes
>     are lost. Of course someone could do the same with the gfig plugin.
>     It is planned to make this mechanism more generic. For example to
>     have
>     adjustment layers or - as you intended - to have real vector layers.
> I was hoping to do something that works and try something more elegant
> and the point where gegl is folded into the main code base... 2.O right.

I don't think that the GIMPs maintainers will accept cludges to the code
that will have to be totally rewritten for 2.0. This goes double since
1.4 is intended to be mainly a cleanup release. If I manage to finish my
new bezier tool (without the support of real vector layers) for 1.4 I'll
be happy.

All the above is IMHO of course.

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