Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 03:03:50 +0200
   From: Till Kamppeter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   The Stylus Photo 950 is a seven-ink printer with sheet and roll
   feeder, in both GIMP and Foomatic the seven-ink mode is missing,
   but quadtone is there. The roll feeder is missing in both GIMP and
   Foomatic, too.

Grr.  My understanding was that the 950 has 7 ink tanks, but in fact
has two identical black cartridges.  Is this incorrect?  I don't know
why the rollfeed is missing, though; it's in the database.

   The Epson Stylus Photo 2100 has no quadtone in both GIMP and
   Foomatic, is this not possible on this model? Also the roll feeder
   is missing in both cases. Are you sure that this model has no roll
   feeder? Seven ink can be chosen in GIMP but not in Foomatic.

I'm sure it's possible; we can always add the quadtone (or whatever
becomes available) later for this printer.

   By looking into the CUPS PPD I have found the bug, it is a short name 
   clash. The CUPS PPD contains the following:

This is now fixed.

   7-ink photo and 6-ink photo modes have the same short names, genppd 
   lists both choices in the PPD, but they are not selectable. Foomatic 
   seems to overwrite choices with equal short names. And as short names 
   are the internal identifier for the spooler, they must be different. 
   Even the PostScript commands in the shown PPD snippet are equal for the 
   6-ink and 7-ink modes, so the modes are really unselectable. Can it be 
   that the GIMP plug-in only has a menu entry for 7-ink, but sets the same 
   variable values as for 6-ink and the promising 7-ink output of GIMP you 
   have seen was 6-ink in reality?

Very likely.

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