Thierry Tracol ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Sven Neumann a écrit :
> > you could call the PDB function directly using gimp_run_procedure()
> > instead of relying on the availability of the C wrappers.
> Thank you for your advice. It works when I call the procedure through
> gimp_run_procedure.
> I am new in the Gimp Plug-in area. Most of the time I prefer to use directly
> the Gimp procedure instead of using the gimp_run_procedure.
> Is there a big disadvantage in not using gimp_run_procedure ?

There is no disadvantage at all. The "directly" used Gimp procedure
is *always* a simple wrapper that uses gimp_run_procedure. It just
adds some convenience. At least it works this way on *nix and I doubt
that windows version works different there.

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