Hello GIMPers,

due to the summer and everyone being busy doing other things not too
much did happen in the GIMP CVS tree lately. Nevertheless a couple of
changes accumulated over time and I felt that a new developers release
was due. So here's GIMP-1.3.8 for you:


Please consider to use one of the mirrors:


Here's the usual disclaimer:

This is a development version that might crash any second, so please
save often and don't use it for real work. However we believe that
stability and useability improved a lot so you might want to give this
version a try.

This release depends on the following libraries (or newer versions):

  glib 2.0.0
  pango 1.0.0 (with FT2 support)
  atk 1.0.0
  gtk+ 2.0.0
  libart 2.3.8

And here's the list of changes:

- Lots of plug-ins cleaned up and improved [Maurits]
- More work on the help browser [Sven]
- Core code cleanup [Mitch, Sven]
- Improved icons [Jimmac]
- Fixed permissions of shared memory segments.
- Build fixes [Yosh, Sven]
- Bug fixes

Other contributors:
  Dave Neary, Zbigniew Chyla, Simon Budig

Happy GIMPing, Sven
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