>> I'm trying to do what the subject explains. I already installed
>> successfully Gimp-1.2.3. In order to prevent conflicts within
>> incompatible versions of glib and gtk+, they are installed in distinct
>> hierarchies.

>that's not necessary since glib/gtk+-1.2 happily coexist with
>glib/gtk+-2.0 in the same prefix (provided that your 1.2 versions
>aren't overly outdated).

I did it after having encountered enormous problems when trying to
install several Gnome 2 modules.

>> When compiling, I get the following error in plug-ins/sel2path and
>> plug-ins/common: the loader does not find the entry point "abort". In
>> order to terminate the compilation, I make the following change in the
>> Makefile of both these directories: add "/usr/lib/libc.a" in front of
>> the definition of GTK_LIBS.

>abort? I've never heard about that problem before, seems to be OSF1

Probably, but I don't understand it. Maybe this comes from one
specificity of OSF1, i.e. libc.so is in /usr/shlib, not in /usr/lib. The
"abort" entry point is mentioned in libglib-2.0.so. Maybe the fix should
occur in the glib configuration ?

>> ** (gimp-1.3:6106): WARNING **: Could not find XftConfig file
>> cannot open file "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XftConfig"

>you should install a suitable XftConfig file to make the text tool happy.
>On the other hand since the text tool is almost unuseable it's not that

I must confess I don't even know what XftConfig is...

>I'd suggest you temporarily move the plug-ins directory away and check
>if gimp works w/o any plug-ins. If that works you could reinstall some
>simpler plug-ins and test them. Perhaps only script-fu is broken for

I did exactly that. Finally, only script-fu seems to be broken. I get
some unaligned accesses, maybe because the Alpha is a true 64-bit

I can make some specific tests for this configuration, if this seems
interesting. Anyway, many thanks for your help!


                        Olivier Lecarme
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