Roland Roberts ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I'm trying to write write a script-fu to automatically take a finished
> image and produce a set of scaled images for display on a web site.
> The learning curve for this is rather steep....

If it is just about scaling and/or do simple adjustments to the image
you might want to look at the imagemagick tools. Usually these are
better for simple tasks and the learning curve for these is not steep
at all.

> To get started, I've been reading through some of the existing scheme
> files.  One I am looking at is script-fu-unsharp-mask.  There appears
> to be an idiom that I can't figure out, a series of lines like this:
>        (original-layer-for-darker #f)
>        (original-layer-for-lighter #f)
>        (blured-layer-for-darker #f)
>        (blured-layer-for-lighter #f)
> what is the "#f"?

Just a shortcut for '(), or FALSE. #t would be 1 or TRUE.
However, I think these values are not used at all. They appear
in the declaration of variables and are unused default values.

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