Michael <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have compiled the 1.3.8 release after finally getting hold of the
> required files (I only have a modem so they were a bit big for me) and
> grepped the resulting binaries to check that fopen64 was there. If I
> set the image size to 65536 x 65536 the file size indocator says 0 kb,

hmm, that's a bug in the user interface. Could you file a bug-report
for it, please ?

> after messing with the sizes a bit more it seems that the indicator
> wraps around at 4096 MB. If I then open a file it seems that this
> version does things the other way and fills up the memory first and
> then attacks the kernel's swapfile so I couldn't check Gimps swap file
> because it didn't seem to create one before the kernel killed it. I
> must say that I was impressed at the speed at which the Gimp filled up
> the memory it was very fast.

hmm, we didn't do any significant changes to the way GIMP handles the
tile cache so it should actually behave just like GIMP-1.2. The only
difference should be that it should now be possible to use a cache of
size > 2GB and that the core should be able to deal with swap files
larger than 2GB. I say "should" since these changes haven't seen much
testing yet.

Salut, Sven
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