>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Budig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Simon> I can reproduce this behaviour and I think it is a bug.

    Simon> To work around this: You could use an invalid image ID (for
    Simon> example -1) as the default value. So you can easily check
    Simon> if this is a real image ID or the default value. You could
    Simon> for example query (gimp-images-list) for the ID of the
    Simon> image. But I think this behaviour should be fixed.

Hmmm, but how can I tell which image is currently "active."  There is
gimp-image-active-drawable to find which layer is active.  But if I
have more than one image open (not going to happen very often in my
case, but sometimes...) just looking in gimp-images-list won't help.

    Simon> Another suggestion: You use SF_VALUE for the size of your
    Simon> images. It most probably would be better to use
    Simon>    SF-OPTION "Size List" '("1600" "1280" "1024" ...))

Actually, in this case, I *do* want a list.  I want it to produce a
set of reduced images at each of the sizes listed.

    Simon> I will file a bugreport for the other issue.


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