>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Budig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Simon> I have not yet checked the problem you mentioned in your
    Simon> other Mail, it might very well be a bug.

    Simon> However, you can easily avoid this problem by moving the
    Simon> menu entry to <Image>/foo/bar/baz and registering your
    Simon> script with a SF_IMAGE and a SF_DRAWABLE as the first two
    Simon> arguments. Then you have easily access to the image the
    Simon> user invoked the script in and the current active drawable
    Simon> of this image.

Yes, I could do that, but I think that will confuse the interface
since I do not wish to copy only a particular drawable; I want to copy
the entire image.  On the other hand, the only person likely to be
using this for the foreseeable future is me....

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