>[root@mike bin]# ./gimp-1.3
 >using MMX: yes
 >swapfile is: /big/tmp/gimpswap.30852
 >swap add filename: /big/tmp/gimpswap.30852/n[Invalid UTF-8]
 >swapfile is still: (g@(g@/gimpswap.30852

I was just looking at the above text and suddenly realised that the path 
had turned to garbage in the third g_print line which I had put into 
base.c like this:-

base_init (void)
   gchar *swapfile;
   gchar *path;

   use_mmx = use_mmx && (intel_cpu_features() & (1 << 23)) ? 1 : 0;
   g_print ("using MMX: %s\n", use_mmx ? "yes" : "no");

   toast_old_temp_files ();

   /* Add the swap file  */
   if (base_config->swap_path == NULL)
     base_config->swap_path = g_strdup (g_get_tmp_dir ());

   swapfile = g_strdup_printf ("gimpswap.%lu", (unsigned long) getpid ());

   path = g_build_filename (base_config->swap_path, swapfile, NULL);

   g_print ("swapfile is: %s\n", path);

   g_free (swapfile);

   tile_swap_add (path, NULL, NULL);

   g_free (path);

   paint_funcs_setup ();

   g_print ("swapfile is still: %s\n", path);

so for some reason the path is being messed up in the lines between my 
two added g_prints. Any advice?


p.s. Just did a bit more testing and found that if I change the path to 
/tmp the I get this:-

swapfile is: /tmp/gimpswap.32180
swap add filename: /tmp/gimpswap.32180/n[Invalid UTF-8]
swapfile is still: (g@([EMAIL PROTECTED]

so it looks like that corruption eats into the path at some point during 

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