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   Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 02:11:18 +0200

   On 12 Sep 2002, at 19:32, Robert L Krawitz wrote:

   > Gimp-Print 4.2.2, released September 12, 2002, is a stable release in
   > the Gimp-Print 4.2 series.  This release primarily offers bug fixes
   > and support for all Epson Stylus printers announced since Gimp-Print
   > 4.2.1.

   Just an aside, but I noticed that a decision by Apple (to use CUPS 
   for OS X.2 instead of their own printing system, if I understood it 
   correctly) seems to have put the name GIMP-Print firmly on the map in 
   the Macintosh world. Is that true? Does that mean extra work for you, 
   or just more useful bug reports?

Generally extra work, in the form of "Please support such-and-such a
printer!" feature requests.  Also a lot more excitement in general --
speaking for myself, I *never* imagined the project would go
mainstream in this way.  There are a few Apple people helping out a
lot with the support, which makes life a lot easier (most of us can
pretty much ignore the Mac-specific stuff).

When the rest of the CUPS support is there, the printer support
requests will hopefully die down a bit, since other drivers will pick
up some of the slack.
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