MecaT writes:
 > I wondering if ever gimp for windows with gtk2 will be builded? I am ot 
 > waiting for any date of release, but can you tell me - will be gimp 
 > 1.3.x ported on windows? 

Hans Breuer has done it (at least at some time) using MSVC. Hans, can
you tell us more?

If I understand corrrectly, Hans had to build some of the libraries in
GIMP 1.3 as static libraries, even if they really are supposed to be
dynamic (DLLs). (They are shared libraries on Unix (but I think GIMP
1.3 is developed only on Linux).)

I ran into problems myself when I tried to build it (some months ago)
(using autoconfiscation, libtool and gcc) because of problems with the
libraries, the code as it currently is seems to assume ELF
features. I.e., it that there can be unresolved symbols in shared
libraries that get resolved at run time either from the main program
or from another shared library. Or something like that, don't remember

(ELF is the object file format used by for instance Linux and
Solaris. But there are several Unixes that don't use ELF. I wonder
whether GIMP 1.3 has been built on some of these more obscure Unixes?)

 > Is there any possiblity to move gtk2 to windows  mahines?

Sure, GTK+ 2.0 has been ported, see
On Windows, perhaps not quite as reliable as GTK+ 1.3.0 yet, though.


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