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> through networking. Say, If i start a gimp perl server on a server machine, 
> what should i do to be able to execute the script on a remote machine?I 
> searched online resources and found that on server side, i need to setenv 
> GIMP_HOST to [auth@][tcp/]hostname[:port] for tcp support, but what should 
> i do on client side? do i need to install some client tools on the box or 
> should i modify my script to include gimp::net module?

Just the same, i.e. use sth. like this:


and start the server, and then do the same on the client and start the
perl script. You shouldn't need to modify your script, although modifying
it can make some things easier (program structure can be much freeer, as
you can decide when to conenct and disconnect).

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