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   Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 10:55:06 -0700

   Film Gimp is a 16-bit per channel version of Gimp intended for
   frame-by-frame retouching of motion pictures. Movies that used it include
   Scooby-Doo, Harry Potter, and Stuart Little. Film Gimp is available for
   Linux and Irix, with Windows and Macintosh planned.

   With the announcement of the release of version 0.4 at SourceForge, Film
   Gimp is starting to climb the charts. Activity rating has passed 90% and
   Film Gimp is now ranked at #912 on SourceForge.

   For further information see:


   Robin Rowe
   Film Gimp Release Manager

The Gimp-print package is 16-bit capable (obviously the standard GIMP
Print plugin, which is part of the Gimp-print package, isn't).  While
the only 16-bit input mode provided is CMYK, we could either add a
16-bit RGB input, or do the appropriate conversion module.  Would you
folks be interested in working on that with us?

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