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   > The Gimp-print package is 16-bit capable (obviously the standard
   > GIMP Print plugin, which is part of the Gimp-print package,
   > isn't).  While the only 16-bit input mode provided is CMYK, we
   > could either add a 16-bit RGB input, or do the appropriate
   > conversion module.  Would you folks be interested in working on
   > that with us?

   Yes, I think so. Even though "print" in the context of Film Gimp
   first brings to mind a reel of motion picture film. How would you
   want to approach it?

Not clear.  The Gimp-print core is optimized for CMYK inkjet printers,
although the print plugin can print to other printers.

   Gimp doesn't do much with CMYK, which has been a long standing complaint:

   There is a CMYK plug-in for gimp:

   Does anyone have an interest in CMYK in Film Gimp?

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