when Mitch and me returned from Blinken-Paris, we found the poor GIMP
in his cage uttering plaintively that he wanted to be released. So
that's what we did and here's GIMP-1.3.9 for you to play with:


Please consider to use one of the mirrors:


and please make sure that he's always wearing his leather mask.

Here's the list of changes since the latest release:

- Some minor improvements to the text tool [Sven]
- Started to cleanup DND code [Mitch]
- Added GimpViewableDialog [Mitch]
- Improved UI of color adjustment tools [Mitch]
- Added new icons [Jimmac, Mitch]
- Added GimpSelectionEditor, a view on the current selection [Mitch]
- Improved imagemap plug-in [Maurits]
- GUI cleanups [Mitch, Sven, Maurits]
- Build fixes [Hans, Yosh, Sven]
- Lots of bug fixes

Other contributors:
  James Henstridge, Dave Neary, Simon Budig

Have Fun, Sven
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