Hi Mike -

Thanks a lot for your reply!

I really don't want to have to deal with a separate preview window.  The
images that I deal with are huge, and that would just consume even more
memory and desktop space, and make the application that I envision seem to
be even less "integrated".

An "ugly hack" similar to what you suggested could work for my needs.  A
similar solution might be to provide the coordinates of the mouse click
directly through the standard API calls to the plug-in.  I don't know if
that would require any substantial changes to the API, but obviously that
would be undesirable if so.  In any case, the hack that you mentioned would

One possible selection of which mouse coordinates to use would be easy in my
mind:  It would be the coordinates where the mouse was located when the user
right-clicked to get the menu that started the plug-in.  If some other
mechanism was used to start the plug-in that did not require a mouse click
within the displayed image boundaries, then the mouse coordinates could be
either undefined, or preferably a special value like maybe (-1,-1).
However, if there were some way for the plug-in to communicate with the gimp
to request that a selection/mouse click be made, that would probably be even

In any event, at least I know now that my emails are getting through to the
list ok.  Thanks again for your reply.


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> Thus spoke Kevin Myers
> > The other day I sent the following message to both the gimp users and
> > developers lists, hoping to determine whether there is any way to obtain
> > image coordinates from a mouse click in a gimp plug-in.  So far I
> > received a single reply.  Are there really any of you out there??? :-)
> > if you don't know or can't answer my question, it might be nice to
receive a
> > few replies anyway so I can at least confirm that my message actually
> > through ok.
> The developers are here.  Probably just busy.  :-)
> I saw you're message the other day but didn't have time to look into it.
> > If there is presently no way for a gimp plug-in to obtain mouse click
> > coordinates (either at point of menu invocation or later), then I would
> > to submit this as a suggestion to be considered for a future release.
> I'm not aware of a way to get the mouse coordinates from a mouse click in
> canvas window over to the plug-in.  Normally, plug-ins will copy the
> (layer, selection, or whatever) into their own space to work on it, and
> translate their (possibly) scaled version's coordinates into those on the
> canvas.  While not optimal, it should work for you.
> The problem, as I see it, is that the communications channel between the
> and plug-ins is not event driven but rather function driven - you must
> an API call to communicate with the GIMP.  Actually, I don't think of that
as a
> problem.  It's just the way things work.  At least from what I know.
> One way around this - which would probably be an ugly hack - would be to
> the GIMP save the click location for a canvas and let the plug-in query
> that location.  It might be similar to a one-pixel selection.  Might be a
> problem in knowing when a click is supposed to set that location and when
> supposed to be applied to the currently active tool.
> Anyway, it's just a thought.  For now, you need to copy the drawable into
> space to get coordinates via a preview window.
> BTW, if anyone is interested, I've updated Shawn Amundson's preview widget
> put it into a Glade-based template plug-in.  That might be helpful as a
> for you.  Or maybe not.  It's still a work in progress to make it a very
> template.  Needs documentation, etc.  But you can use Glade to edit the
> interface.
> http://www.graphics-muse.org/source/gfxmuse.tar.gz
> It's imake based 'cuz I know imake, not autoconf.
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