Kevin Myers writes:
 > Sorry for the extra email, but one question:  When using gimptool as you
 > describe below, what is the correct approach for handling the
 > configuration-specific files such as config.h, gdkconfig.h, and glibconfig.h
 > which aren't in the normal include paths in the developer packages?

If you look at the gimptool output, you see that it includes -I flags
for the directories where gdkconfig.h and glibconfig.h are
(-I<top>/lib/gtk+/include and -I<top>/lib/glib-2.0/include). These
headers are in the "lib" subtree because they are
architecture-specific and compiler-specific, even though in the Win32
case glibconfig.h (if generated from the manually maintained is good for both gcc and MSVC. The other
headers can be shared among all architectures and compilers.

GIMP's config.h isn't supposed to be used by plug-ins (other than
those bundled with the GIMP sources). A GIMP developer package does
not contain the config.h file. If a separately distributed plug-in
uses a configure script, it will produce an own config.h for that

 > Should I copy those files into their correspoding include
 > subdirectories, or is some other approach more appropriate?

Just leave them where they are and use appropriate -I switches.


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