> This can't really be lead from the print side.  We'll have no problem
> with 16-bit and CMYK (although we don't currently support 16-bit RGB),
> but the GIMP side needs to spec an API for it.

Hi. Thanks for the clarification.

What I meant was "print" in the magazine/book publishing sense, not
gimp-print. A developer knowledgable in the print side of the business would
help in building the right 16-bit CMYK stuff.

With a little more digging I discovered some email discussion with John
Culleton in the archives describing using netpbm pnmtotiffcmyk
( for command line conversion.

   > tifftopnm RGB.tiff | pnmtotiffcmyk > CMYK.tiff

Looking further I find pnmtotiffcmyk
( and CMYKTiff
( In theory someone could take that
into a Film Gimp plug-in pretty easily, and that could output to gimp-print.
Is that what we need?



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