That matches the behavior that I am seeing Sven.  I have grayscale images,
so 1 byte for the gray plus 4 bytes for the projection = 5 bytes total per
pixel, and 400+ megapixels * 5 bytes per pixel = 2000+MB (2+GB), hence that
is probably why I am running into problems with gimp 1.2.4.  Now can you
explain to me just what a projection is?  Is that merely space for the
output colors after running an image through some kind of transformation?

For the project in question, *nix is not an option.  Sorry, I'm stuck with


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> Hi,
> "Kevin Myers" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Thanks very much to Sven for this info.  Well, since many of my images
> > rather large (in the 400 to 600 megapixel range), maybe I can provide
> > of the additional large image testing that is needed.  But I have one
> > problem.  I'm running Windows, and can't seem to figure out how to get
> > started building the GIMP under Windows.  Presently I am using the
> > installable 1.2.4 distribution, but I can't even figure out how to
> > it using the source from Tor's web site.  As descibed in my previous
post, I
> > can't even get through the first step, which is running ./configure .
> > until I can solve this problem, there is no way that I can start trying
> > work with 1.3 .  Any help getting my build process off the ground would
> > greatly appreciated.
> in that case it would probably be easier to install a real OS on that
> machine. Fortunately multiple OSs may coexist happily.
> > One more question related to size limits:  How many bytes per pixel does
> > pixel cache use?  I have a sneaking suspicion that the answer is 5 based
> > the image sizes where I'm running into problems.  That's what
> > uses for its pixel cache, and I run into problem at almost exactly the
> > image size.
> the answer is 1 for grayscale/indexed, 3 for RGB. Add another byte
> if your image has an alpha channel and another 4 bytes for the
> projection. The latter used to allocated copy-on-write at some
> point. Unfortunately this feature has been disabled (at least to my
> knowledge); thus the memory for the display projection is always
> allocated.
> Salut, Sven
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