Hi all,

Following a little discussion that myself and nomis were having
on irc, we got talking about the default option values for 
sel2path, which we agreed provided far too many control points.
I told him that I'd played around with it, and gotten values
which produced results I considered better. He suggested I put
them in a mail to the developers list, and suggest them as new

So here goes... could people comment on whether they think these
are pretty crap, or whether people reckon these might be better
as defaults? Cheers. By the way, for those that don't know, to
bring up the menu, Shift-Click on the selection-to-path button in
the paths dialog while there's a selection active.

Align threshold: 1.0
Corner always threshold: 60.0
Corner surround: 4
Corner threshold: 100.0
Error threshold: 1.0
Filter alternative surround: 1
Filter epsilon: 10.0
Filter iteration count: 10
Filter percent: 0.33
Filter secondary surround: 5
Filter surround: 3
Unckeck "Keep knees"
Line reversion threshold: 0.10
Line threshold: 0.5
Reparametrize improvement: 0.02
Reparametrize threshold: 1.00
Subdivide search: 0.25
Subdivide surround: 6
Subdivide threshold: 0.5
Tangent surround: 4


David Neary,
TÚl: 04 91 72 46 84
CV: http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~bolsh/CV/
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