Hi all,

After several months without one, the time has come to let ye
know about the nice bugs that are still in the GIMP, and need
fixing. Most of these are fairly shallow bugs against 1.2, some
are meatier ones against 1.3. In any case, since the GIMP is now
3rd in the "bugs open" ranks on bugzilla.gnome.org (behind gtk+
and galeon) and have recently passed nautilus, we have some
bug-fixing to do.

So here goes the list - basically the format is 
bug #  Summary
    one line on possible fix (or other comment on the bug).

79897  UTF-8 validate all external strings
    This is one of these bugs that would be closed with time, I

69085  gdyntext loses state when editing pre-existing text
    This one has been hanging around for a while, and seems like
    it would be fairly accessible.

35489  crop tool doesn't always change canvas size - problems with...
    Toggle switches are missed after some operations on big
    images - this one has been idle for over a year. Comments on
    how it might be fixed, anyone?

91941  Layer Move Independent of Layer Mask
    Seems to me like a fairly accessible enhancement.

68149  Canvas size freezes O.S. causing hard reboot
    MacOS X bug which needs reproducing and sounds serious.

67584  Segfault when operating on non-selected bezier-path
    Seems like this should be a shallow bug. Includes core dump.

78064  Entering large dimensions in Scale Image causes fatal error
    Memory issue - some things use lots of memory and crash the
    GIMP. Enhancement, marked critical - it's a matter of
    pre-calculating how big the "new" image will use, and warning
    the user if it goes over some threshold (say 1GB?)

81552  Memory leak with aquired images leads to a crash
    Needs a confirmation - could other people try this, and add
    whether they could reproduce or not?

10498  Marching Ants die untimely deaths
    This has been around for yonks - anyone want to look at it?

97187  black vertical lines when resizing
    Unconfirmed bug which looks like it would be easy enough to
    reproduce and possibly fix.

97433  Random pixel changes 
    Weird bug - might be easy to fix, might be meaty.
70335  [tracking bug] Incorrect RGBA resampling
    This is a family of bugs marked "Incorrect RGBA resampling 
    in * plug-in" - there are about 30 of these, all easily 
    fixable as far as I can tell.

And there we go - hopefully some of these will get fixed, and
we'll restore the GIMP to it's rightful place in the bugzilla
list - 4th. There are lots more bugs which are possibly even
easier to fix - I thought this was a nice mix between easy bugs,
easy enhancements and interesting (ie hard) bugs. 

It goes without saying that there are lots of Windows bugs awaiting 
confirmation & fixes too - more that there are Unix bugs, in fact. 
And there are also lots of bugs on things like Wacoms and scanners 
which developers with those types of hardware might consider having 
a look at.


       David Neary,
    Marseille, France
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