Are there any GTK/Gimp toolkit experts out there who'd like to help
out with the Print plugin?  I'm in the process of making some fairly
significant architectural changes to the libgimpprint library;
basically everything's a lot more dynamic than has been the case up
until now.  The current print plugin creates all of the widgets up
front, so there's a static set of parameters.  The new library allows
(at least in principle; the implementation hasn't caught up yet) much
more dynamic specification of options; different printers can support
different options, and even the set of options currently selected can
influence the options and choices available.

The API (which currently isn't even on the development mainline; it's
on a branch of its own) is still in some flux; experiences with the
Print plugin are needed to help shape it.

This is likely to be a fairly significant rewrite.  However, this kind
of change is going to be needed to support more flexible options in
the 4.3/(4.4|5.0) Gimp-print.

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