Yep, mutt is going to die. Yet again it refused to reply to the list and
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Reply is as follows:

On 11-Nov-2002, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> Patrick McFarland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Erm, dunno why this didnt reply to the list.  To those who missed
> > stuff, I asked "Is it easy to add 16-bit per channel support to
> > gimp?" the answer was "No it isnt."
> > 
> > But yeah, Film Gimp has issues. The xcf loader plugin doesnt work at
> > all on x86 (known bug) so thats why I turned back to Gimp to see if
> > I could get it here. (I do all my graphics artwork in Gimp.)
> > 
> > This might sound a little dumbassish on my part, but why wasnt
> > 16-bit support added earlier? As far as I know, even Photoshop 6
> > doesnt have this (and when in native 16-bit mode, I cant get it to
> > do layers at all.) And, yes, its hard to do now, but it wouldnt have
> > been as hard in gimp 1.1 when it was in heavy development mode. Now
> > of course, this would force all gimp 1.0 plugins to break (assuming
> > the majority didnt already.)
> it does indeed sound dumbassish. It also this sounds like you are
> volunteering to contribute. Why haven't you done that when 1.1 was in
> heavy development mode? Why don't you do it now?

The real reason? My C code isnt exactly the worlds best. (Aka you dont want to
run it in a production app, ever.) And I dont have much time anymore. Im trying
to find a job, which is eating up alot of my resources, and also with my
current computer, it really kills my productivity rating.

But yeah, if I could get those out of the way, I wouldnt mind helping.  

> > Though, my method wouldnt break any plugins, however. Any plugin
> > accessing the data would get back 8bit values because the layers are
> > still in 8bit mode, its only a higher precision rendering engine
> > that would be added. 8 bit goes in, 8 bit comes out, but its 16 bit
> > in the middle. (And yes, when dealing with 20+ layers, all doing
> > things other than Normal mode, and sometimes bringing the darkest
> > color below 0,0,0, and the lightest color above 255,255,255, it
> > comes in handy.)
> we don't really care about the plug-ins and there will probably always
> be such an 8bit compatibility mode like the one you suggested here.
> The hard part is to do the necessary changes to the GIMP core. Since
> there are effectively only a handful of developers working on The GIMP
> and the code base is huge and used to be chaotic and fragile, this is
> not a trivial job. It will be addressed as soon a 1.4 is out. Well,
> actually someone could start to work on the 2.0 core based on GEGL
> right now while we are busy to finish 1.4.
> Salut, Sven

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