Neo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> i've created a patch to gimppaintcore.c which allows subsampling to be 
> disabled. this is very useful for pixel-precise work and watermarks.

could you please elaborate how this is different from using the pencil

> however.. i've looked around and i'm having difficulty understanding how to 
> add an interface to that [ie. put a 'disable subsampling' option in some part 
> of the preferences dialog, and make the 'disable subsampling' value be stored 
> in gimprc] . the documentation is unhelpful regarding info on this particular 
> subject.

if you really think a global preferences option is adequate here (I
don't think it is), you probably want to use the latest CVS or wait
for 1.3.11. We are currently redesigning the gimprc system. The new
code makes it much easier to add a new option.

Salut, Sven

BTW: Do you have a real name? Neo is used by me for cvs commits and
     all my accounts, so it might cause some confusion.
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