On 27-Nov-2002, RaphaŽl Quinet wrote:
> I have the feeling that the gap between GIMP and Film Gimp is widening
> more and more, instead of shrinking until the two versions can be
> merged in the same codebase.  I understand that the development on the
> HOLLYWOOD branch has different constraints than the main branch and it
> would not be easy to attempt a merge for the moment (without GEGL),
> but I am a bit worried about the fact that Film Gimp seems to be
> diverging more and more.
> One of the goals of Film Gimp is to "Bring the codebase up from 1.0.4
> to rendezvous with Gimp 1.2.3".  I think that it would have been
> better to aim for 1.3.x instead of 1.2.3.  When GIMP 1.4 is released,
> the old stable branch (1.2.x) will not be maintained anymore (like
> 1.0.x now) so there is a risk that a version of Film Gimp aligned with
> 1.2.3 would be obsolete before its first release.  Also, the next goal
> for Film Gimp is to add "Windows and native Macintosh support".  I see
> on the mailing list that some progress has already been made and it is
> close to completion.  But I think that a part of this work could have
> been avoided by choosing GIMP 1.3.x as a target, since it is based on
> GTK+ 2 and has native support for Windows.
> Also, reading the web page and documentation of FilmGimp gives the
> (wrong) impression that GIMP developers are not interested in any
> future convergence of the two projects.  While it is true that the
> HOLLYWOOD branch could not be integrated into 1.2.x, it has always
> been stated (or at least that's how I understood it) that GIMP 2.0
> would be the end of the fork because the usage of the GEGL library
> would allow all Film Gimp features to be integrated into the main
> branch.  This is not mentioned on the Film Gimp page, nor on the GIMP
> homepage, nor in the various articles that were recently published
> about these programs.  That's a pity.
> With Film Gimp gaining more momentum in the last months, I am a bit
> concerned about the duplication of efforts and the gap growing wider.
> On the one hand, the increase in activity around Film Gimp shows that
> the main GIMP is not addressing some of the users' needs adequately
> and maybe the developers (us) should pay more attention to that.  On
> the other hand, it would be nice if the Film Gimp documentation was
> mentioning a future convergence with GIMP 2.0 (assuming that this is
> still a valid goal for Film Gimp).

I dont agree with the gimp and film gimp development groups. Film Gimp should
be eventually folded into Gimp 2.0. Having two branches like this sucks bad.
Film Gimp is slowly turning into something that isnt gimp at all, and I see
alot of reinventing of wheels, or even parrallel development of the same code,
because the development teams dont communicate enough. I agree with a lot of
what you said, but in the end, its silly to have two branches like this.

From what I heard, Gimp originally declined a merge with the hollywood branch,
which I see as a serious mistake. Gimp isnt photoshop, and it isnt any other
program that people compare it to. Gimp is more than all of them. And thanks
to FG, Gimp can become much more than it is now. But I dont see this happening
unless people realize having multiple (uncompatible) programs like this is
extremly bad.

I personally just want a Gimp that can load normal xcf files, and have an
internal rendering path of more than 8 bits per channel as it has now.
(Maybe single precision floats per channel? We could use GCC 3.2's experimental
feature to use both the fpu and sse at the same time to do sp fp math extremely
fast.) I tried Film Gimp, but as everyone as heard, the xcf plugin has... 
issues. And a GEGL enabled Gimp is so far off, it will be years before I see it
done. As a heavy user and supporter of Gimp, I deserve the occational feature
request, and my request is that higher precision rendering is added asap. 


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