So Adam, what kept from doing so this time?

Anyone who a) doesn't know what regular expressions are, and b) thinks a 
project is better without them is c) not fit for work in *nix.  gimp or 

Call it a basic competence.  A basic competence.

Soberly yours,

David Weeks

On Wednesday 27 November 2002 06:46 pm, Adam D. Moss wrote:
> David Weeks wrote:
> > I called you right the first time.  You don't know jack about much, and
> > nothing about the rest of it.  You're to green to fathom
> [blah blah blah]
> > Quit working with computers and go back to the
> > garbage you came from -- AKA Microsoft.
> [blah blah blah]
> Wow.  At least when /I'm/ drunk I take my mindless babbling
> to IRC where it fits in just fine.

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