I live in Florida.  Tampa specifically, which is a great city, even if I do 
live here.  And know what is perpetually annoying?  Yankees coming down 
talking about how they do it up North.

For those of recent (that being within the last couple of years) arrival to 
the world of GNU/Linux/Open Source, live here a while before you go telling 
us how you did it back home.

Welcome to GNU/Linux/Open Source computing.

The reason why (and I remember being a newbee, thinking guys like who I am now 
are just arrogant assholes, stuck in the past) we do things in *nix the way 
we do is because it works.  I has worked for a long time, and being that it 
works, why make changes for constantly changing dialect, or drop well founded 
methods cause newbees find them too hard?

These things are not hard, they  are just the essential requirements of a 
reliable system.  From OS to application.  From file systems to network 
services.  This stuff is older than many of the "developers" pretending to 

And as for the importance of gimp to the GNU/Linux community, consider the 
standard it has set among the community, as referenced by other GNU/Linux 
projects.  For instance:

"Glame 0.6.4, the supposed-to-be last release in the 0.6 series, was released 
today, Fri 22 Nov 2002, to the public. Leaked with this release were some 
rare but still major bugfixes such as corruption problems on import and 
redrawing problems within the filter canvas. The most prominent new feature 
of this release is the added Italian localization. GLAME is targeted to be 
the GIMP for audio processing. Currently we support non destructive 
multitrack editing, undo, redo, cut&paste and even realtime effects with 
OSS/ALSA. Import/Export WAV, AIFF, SND, IRCAM file formats."

gimp is more than a graphics program, and newbees show themselves green when 
they haven't a clue about that or anything Unix.  Understand AND appreciate 
the dispostion of those who came before you, and those who will be here after 
you've long gone.  You'd damn well better learn Unix, or get lost.  With no 
apologies.  Don't let /dev/null smack you on the way out.

For those of you who are NOT so stupid as to discount thirty years of IT 
development by the best talent to ever exist, understand your code lives in 
Unix/Linux, so coding is more than the ANSI standard -- it's the shell 
environment (go BASH!), and Unix tool conventions.

And why YES!  Regular expressions are a CORE competency.

My apologies to those who are right now saying: "Duh?"  But from what I've 
been reading on this list, a teacher's corrections are in order.

David Weeks

You can call me at: 813-236-2009, USA
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