On 28-Nov-2002, Sven Neumann wrote:
> the point is that the new film-gimp maintainer or any of the people
> working on film-gimp don't communicate with us at all.  The project
> somehow came back to life without any notification on this
> mailing-list. We had to hear about it in the news.  Among these news
> that appeared on the internet is a lot of wrong information. To me it
> looks as if the film-gimp people try to actively spread FUD about the
> gimp project.

Hrm. Side note, They got $1k from Linuxfund to further their project... hrm...

> this is exactly the wrong information I referred to above. The
> film-gimp web-site makes you think that the film-gimp people expressed
> an interest to merge and the gimp people refused to take this into
> account. This is just plain wrong.

oh. heh.

> It has always been the goal of the GIMP developers to merge the
> features needed for film-editing into the main GIMP. This has been a
> major subject on the GIMP developers conference. We were happy to have
> Caroline and Calvin at the conference who explained the concepts of
> GEGL as well as the needs of the film industry to us and I'm glad to
> see that they are still actively developing the GEGL library.
> I also liked the idea of the new film-gimp project to make the
> HOLLYWOOD branch available to a larger audience. Building a reasonably
> functional tarball that everyone can build was a good thing to do. Now
> people have something to play with and can start improving the gimp
> core and GEGL so that the main gimp can have these features as well.
> The direction the film-gimp project is taking at the moment seems like
> a wasted effort to me. That is my personal opinion and I have strong
> arguments for it but so far none of the film-gimp developers have asked
> for it and I will thus keep my arguments for me.

Yeah, this is what I was trying to get at. Gimp 2.x is where all of us (gimp,
and film gimp developers) should be going.

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