I want to develop stand alone 24bit -> 8bit converter function, and also a 
bicubic resizer. Now, I noticed gimp has really high quality versions.... 
would it be possible to convert gimps functions to do:

(with the converter) take an  int 24bitimage[width][height] and return a 
char 8bitimage[width][height] and a int palette[256], those 256 entries 
being the 256 most used colors and all colors that dont match are set to the 
closest palette entry that matches.

(with the bicubic resizer) take an int 24bitimage[width][height], and int
newheight, newwidth, and return int 24bitimage[newwidth][newheight]

I probably shouldnt ask this on here, but a) this is the only place that people
familiar with the gimp source go, and b) I cant find what the functions are
even called, nor what file they would be in.

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