Patrick McFarland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> To cut this all short, how long will it be until I can do higher
> precision rendering in any gimp whatsoever? FG's xcf plugin is
> broke, gegl isnt done yet.... <insert stock rant here>

GEGL is being worked on and it has already come a long way.

> Btw, why hasnt Gimp gone to linuxfund and get some funding? With $1k
> you probably could hire someone to push a single precision float
> rendering pipeline ahead of schedual. Or atleast put a huge dent in
> it.

iirc, there is some money we could spend but until today noone has
come along who has the skills and the time to hack on GIMP and wants
that money. Personally I don't think that it helps to pay developers.
Money should be spent on infrastructure (hardware, web services, ...)
and can be used to allow developers to come together on conferences.

Salut, Sven

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