we are almost done with porting the old gimprc code to the GimpConfig
system that was introduced last winter. At the moment I'm working on a
tool that creates a commented gimprc with default values to be used as
the system-wide gimprc.  Later the same tool should also help to
generate the gimprc manpage and we might decide to make that
information accessible from the preferences dialog as well.

All the information is extracted from the GimpRc object. This will
assure that the information is always uptodate and accurate. If you
are interested in this, check out current CVS and look at app/config.
You can create the dump utility by calling 'make gimpconfig-dump'.

I could need some help with this task. We already extracted a lot of
information out of the current man-page and added it to
gimpconfig-blurbs.h. However a lot of the configuration options added
lately have not yet been documented. I also think that the available
text could need some proof-reading. So if anyone wants to help on this
task, please speak up. I'd like to get this done before the 1.3.11
release in order to be able to ship an updated gimprc manpage that
documents the (few and small) changes to the format.

Salut, Sven
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