On Mon 2 December 2002 21:35, David Weeks wrote:
> I fixed all my windows bugs:
> 0) Backup your data.
> 1)  Boot from rescue disk, no CD support (or don't worry for
> win95, that had to be made manually).
> 2) Utilize the Microsoft built, Microsoft bug squashing tool:
> fdisk 3) In fdisk you'll likely see these bugs, they're called
> "partitions."  You want to delete them.
> 4) Note that some bugs are harder -- namely "extended
> partitions."  In those you'll have to first squash the "logical
> drive" bugs, then you can delete the "extended partition" bugs.
> 5) Save changes and exit.  Congratulations!  Your system is now
> bug free! 6) Insert Red Hat 7.3 (NOT 8.0 -- IT HAS THE GNOME
> BUG!) disk one, to finish the bug proofing your windows machine. 
> Proceed with screens, but chose custom (cause this is a bug
> squashing thing), and both install and make default the KDE
> desktop.  (That's the special bug protection.  Though it too, has
> some bugs ((sorry)), though not as badly as the rest.) 7) This
> works for NT and XP as well.  For persistant bugs, like the
> administrative rights bug, in NT or XP, just boot from the Red
> Hat 7.3 disk 1, and when it offers "disk druid," use it to delete
> the windows partition bugs, as mentioned in step 3.
> 8) Bug squashing is fun, and you can do it at home and work.
> 9) Oh, squash at your own risk.
> You'll find that this fixes not only the windows gimp bugs, but
> your vulnerability to email attacks, all kinds of viruses, the
> blue screens of employment bug, and the dreaded "exposure to
> legal liabilities for pirated software/BSA where coming to Fed.
> you away" bug.  (YIKES!)

And guess what, it fixes all GIMP bugs too!. After all, GIMP is part 
of GNOME, so if you don't install GNOME, there won't be GIMP, so 
there won't be any GIMP bugs! Yay!

Seriously, you've made your point on free software and free OSes. I 
agree wholeheartedly, but if you want others to respect your 
opinion, you should respect theirs too. Trying to convince them is 
fine, but this is a technical mailinglist, and as such not an 
appropriate place to do so.


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